20 yo girl . France.
» Aux timides anonymes «

Ravenclaw. District 7. Erudite. Narnian. Uncured.
I'm the Doctor. I apparently come from House Arryn. I am a mortal but I'm friend with demigods. I am a Man lost in the vast Middle Earth.
If you can't reach me it's because I'm hidden in Lyra's Oxford. I don't fear the Originals and A has nothing on me.
Earth may be toxic, but we are grounders now. I live with the Fosters and some weird and cool clones.
I often drink tea with Ruby & Jefferson, and their friends of the McCall Pack.

Fitzsimmons are my relationship goal.
(They are soulmates.)

• Books you should read:
→ Delirium, Lauren Oliver.

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